Outdoor Activities in Mengkeshijie Community

Spring is the best season of going out. Though Harbin is a little bit cold at this time, our babies are exciting. They enjoy the sun, embrace nature and feel the charms of Harbin under the leadership of teachers. Outdoor activities make contribution to physique and mentality of babies. On April 28, 2013, teachers took babies to Mengkeshijie community to play games, do body exercises. These activities meet the needs of babies’ nature. They encourage kids to use their imagination, practical ability and creativity.

Kids are doing body exercises following the music with teachers. Combining music teaching with body exercises could strength babies’ sensitivity to music. Eduwo International Kindergartens mixes indoor teaching with outdoor teaching help children to have comprehensive development.

Let’s look at together, how happy they are in Mengkeshijie community!

Babies and teachers are playing games

Babies are having a rest

They are happy

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