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Review of Eduwo Teaching Achievements in August

Dear Friends and Family,

Well we finally made it! Our school year is complete and it is time for a new challenge! Well done to all our fantastic children for completing another whole year of education! We are very proud of you all for doing such a wonderful job. Some of our children have now graduated to primary school and some of our children are brand new faces, just starting on their Eduwo journey. We welcome any new children with a warm and welcoming smile and look forward to becoming great friends.

To get everyone in the mood for school, our theme is “Me and My Friends at School.” This topic is all about getting to know our classmates and teachers, as well as our classroom. We will be doing lots of activities that help children to settle in and make friends. We want everyone to feel like Eduwo is their second home and we are one big family!

Last month was a review month for all classes, with of course a summer time twist. We have had a wonderful time reviewing all the things we have learnt this year and children seem to have a better grasp on the knowledge they will take with them to this school year. Every teacher approached the review month a little differently, depending on what they thought their class needed to learn; however some highlights included – Blindfolded fruit salad taste tests, making beach sand, summer bug hunting, rainbow colour reviews and much more!

Eduwo Nursery Class News

Last month we had lots of fun reviewing all our previous topics and we also added in a few extra ideas just for fun. The children have had a chance to relax and have a great time whilst still learning plenty. A few highlights from nursery included making cloud dough, tasting different types of fruit, learning some great new action songs, and personal hygiene routines.

This month we will be getting to know the different names of our classroom toys, being clean, making friends, and learning basic commands and body movement through song.

Eduwo Preschool Class News

Last month, we reviewed all the topics we covered in the year and revisited the subjects teachers felt still needed some attention. The children reviewed their colors through art (making rainbows) and through guessing games and treasure hunts.

This month we will be concentrating on the importance of friendship. We will be making friendship bracelets to give to a friend; doing large group art projects; introducing children to their first letters A, S, M and D, introducing children to simple counting activities, and playing plenty of games to help everyone get to know each other better.

Eduwo Pre-K Class News

Last month we reviewed all our previous topics of the year and introduced a few new summer topics and activities. The children reviewed many songs and also reviewed core language. Some campuses even joined forces with the preschool art class to lend a hand and give the younger children a chance to see what they will be able to achieve as PK students!

This month we will be getting to know each other through many fun activities and games. We will be making clay handprints, learning to work in a team through creative food activities, and in music class we will be working together to create rhythm and musical beats. We will be learning to trace the letters A, S, M and D and will also be learning how to spell our names using the appropriate lowercase and uppercase letters.

Eduwo Kindergarten Class News

Last month, we reviewed all the topics we covered in the year and revisited the subjects teachers felt still needed some attention. There has been a lot of sing-alongs and fun thrown in there as of course we wanted children to enjoy their last month with us here at Eduwo. We hope that our kindergarten class has a wonderful time in their new school as they start a new chapter in life!

This month we will be getting to know each other, but also getting to know the other types of people we might encounter at school. Of course we all know about our teachers and friends, but how about the school bus driver, the librarian, the nurse or the secretary? We are going to make it our mission to get know everyone in our school! We will also be learning the importance of teamwork through large group activities that need the cooperation of everyone in the room. We will be learning to read our first basic words and practicing phonics and writing; concentrating on Eduwo’s letters of the month A, S, M and D.


The first month of school is always a stressful one for children, parents and teachers. A new classroom, new friends and new teachers all add up to a nerve racking experience for our little ones. For those who are joining us for the first time, this is even more so. If your child is having some difficulty adjusting to the changes, feel free to talk to us here at Eduwo and we will always try to help you get through this difficult month. We advise parents to have a calm but firm attitude towards children during drop off in the morning. Even when they cry, it is important to tell them that you will be coming back and that now it is school time. As heart breaking as it is, loved ones are better not to stay around the classroom too long or come back five minutes later to check on them as this can distress children even more. A kind word, a hug and a promise to come back after supper time will help children to accept that school is ok and mummy and daddy will be back soon. Being consistent is the key!

We wish you lots of luck this month in settling your babies in to a new school year! We will make sure they come home with stories of fun, new friends and adventure!

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