Eduwo International Kindergarten Settle in Tianjin

From Europe, face to the world, the fifth Eduwo International Kindergarten is under construction! Eduwo International Kindergarten(Tianjin Jinghai) is located Shengshihuating community , the inner space is about 2400 square and can accept 875 students. Eduwo International Kindergarten(Tianjin Jinghai) will open in September,2013.

Eduwo International Kindergarten (Tianjin Jinghai) is one of the Multiple Intelligence based International Kindergartens operated by China Education International in early childhood education. We aim to provide to young children from China and throughout the world with a balanced international education environment.

China Education International (CEI) has been a professional education organization since 1996 and has five branches throughout China. CEI conducts business in education partnerships, overseas study, and provides international education and training programs, which covers early childhood, tertiary education, and graduate education, and will extend to elementary, middle and high school education.

According to the multiple intelligence evaluation system, we will effectively evaluate the unique intelligent features of every child, so that can make most suitable learning methods for their own and develop their Multiple Intelligence of Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical/Rhythmic, Inter-personal/Social, Intra-personal/Introspective and Naturalist. Eduwo's commitment is to training our kids to become citizens of the world with a “China spirit, world vision, noble character, strong physique and a healthy open mind.”

Eduwo, the branch company of CEI, is making effort to be an international brand of international education.

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