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Eduwo International Kindergarten is a multiple intelligence kindergarten, we advocate children to have global vision from young, so we create the best education environment for children with international curriculum, teachers and so on. Eduwo will make great effort to cultivate not only children's ability of DIY, adapting, independent thinking and logic analysis but also the team cooperation spirit. At the same time, we will lay emphasis on the essence of ancient Chinese literature search about filial, TISS, loyalty, credit, etiquette, honest and shame. Eduwo's commitment is to training our kids to become citizens of the world with a “China spirit, world vision, noble character, strong physique and a healthy open mind.”

Eduwo International Kindergartens use the advanced international early childhood education (High/Scope) curriculum programs and international Outward Bound quality development curriculum system. It will let the children in an educational environment with rich international vision; do autonomous learning through the English interactive way. According to the multiple intelligence evaluation system, we will effectively evaluate the unique intelligent features of every child, so that can make most suitable learning methods for their own. Our idea that children’s life can be sustainable development will help us to become the international standard of kindergartens.

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